Mon-Sat, 7pm-Midnight

Born in Wisconsin at a young age, Mason Kelter spent his whole life enjoying dairy, because that's what people in Wisconsin do... just kidding. He actually doesn't like cheese that much.

But, he moved to Massachusetts in January 2020 to advance his career in radio, though it was the worst possible timing with COVID-19 delaying and shutting everything down. It was the perfect opportunity to begin a live radio show from home, with a host who's entertaining, funny, classy and smart! Unfortunately, the host moved to Guam, and Mason Kelter was hired instead... hopefully he doesn't disappoint.

Party LiveLine is really LIVE, 5 nights a week with contests, interaction, unpredictable madness and the hottest songs in America! Call or Text the show to get on with YOUR dedications, shoutouts & favorite songs! 85-LIVELINE (that's 855-483-5463 if you have a hard time seeing the letters on your tiny keypad).

If you miss the show on Friday night, when we countdown the 25 Biggest Songs of the Week, followed by an hour of throwbacks on LiveLine Rewind, our live Friday show is rebroadcast on Sunday night. If you LOVE Y101 during the day, then you might like Party LiveLine at night... give it a shot. Syndication information at!