Free Beer & Hot Wings

Weekdays, 5-9am

A hilarious syndicated talk radio show based at WGRD in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The show is hosted by Gregg "Free Beer" Daniels, Chris "Hot Wings" Matthews,  "Producer Joe", Steve and Kelly Cheese.The show is syndicated throughout America.

The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show began as an afternoon show in Omaha, NE at non-commercial radio station KIWR in March of 1997. The Show was comprised of two, former Central Michigan University roommates who eventually moved to mornings several months later where they remained until the summer of 2000 when they moved to WBON in Knoxville, TN. I In June of 2002, The Show moved to New Jersey, where they were simulcast on WTHK in Trenton and WCHR on The Jersey Shore. The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show began full syndication in 2004 with the addition of WGRD in Grand Rapids, MI and is now heard on radio stations in 25 different states.