lorizoomWe have had to change our wedding date! 

Since major events have been postponed for the summer on Cape Cod we had to make the decision to change the date! I wasn’t happy about it but we all know sometimes things happen for a reason. I know now I definitely have more time to focus on my wedding gown. Since I am not able to be fitted at Vintage in Vogue, Maureen and I have been face timing. We had a great time too!  Maureen showed me a few of the gowns that I had put aside and we talked about what I wanted. She truly is magical when it comes to designing! I showed her pictures of what I like and together we will design my gown, well, Maureen will be doing the amazing job of making my gown a beautiful one of a kind dream! We’ll be face timing next week to brainstorm more.

lorifoodDan  knows I can cook!!

Since we are all practicing Social Distancing, Dan and I have been cooking a lot!  It is almost like a little competition to see who makes the best dish.  Let me tell you, we both can cook!!!  Last night we made Vegetarian Enchildadas! Hey, don’tknock it until you try it!  I made my own re-fried beans with garlic, cumin, chili powder and lime juice.  So good! I grated sharp cheddar cheese, added a can of chili peppers.  Made rice and seasoned it with butter, chili powder, cumin and the juice of the chili peppers. Put all the ingredients in flour tortillas bathing in enchilada red sauce topped with more cheese and baked it. So, by the time the lock down is lifted Dan and I will have some pretty amazing recipes to keep! However, I need to do a little social distancing from the fridge.. I have a wedding dress to try on soon.




loriwedding2Dan and I are still hopeful and moving forward with our wedding plans!

So, when I went to Vintage in Vogue in Orleans for the first time, Maureen showed me many dresses that I had an interest in and she has dresses from almost every decade. I liked the lace on one and the embroidery on another and the style of yet another dress and Maureen told me the magic of designing my own wedding dress was taking parts of the dresses and putting them together. Maureen’s eyes light up with so much excitement when it comes to her wedding dresses. I can’t wait to get started! I know that between Maureen and Jessica, I will have the most beautiful one of a kind wedding dress.

LoriDan350These are strange times right now!

Dan and I are getting married and have hope that the Corona Virus Pandemic will be behind all of us.

In the meantime I am making plans and having my wedding gown designed and made by the amazing and talented duo of Mauren and Jessica over at Vintage in Vogue in Orleans.

When I went in I was pleasingly impressed. The Bridal Boutique at Vintage in Vogue is beautiful. I can’t wait until my next visit when I get to try on my wedding gown.