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CodComm Radio Group stations,  PIXY 103, FRANK-FM, Y 101, and KOFFEE-FM
are  pleased to present a compelling series tackling one of our region's most important issues, substance abuse. 

The "Cape Cod Talks Addiction" series brings together local experts to discuss education, recovery, and resources available to those suffering from substance use issues and their families. Hosted by The Frank Morning Show's Sarah Colvin, the discussions will cover the important issue of substance abuse, with the goal of raising awareness and connecting those in need of help with the services and support available on Cape Cod and beyond. 

Season 2, Week 1:

Barnstable & Yarmouth Police Officers

Dangerous Risks

Fear Keeps Addicts From Seeking Help

Different Levels of Addiction

Fentanyl is a Huge Problem


Season 2, Week 2:

"Not Yet" film, 
Executive Producer Sid Davidson, 
Director & Writer Thomas Mikey

District Attorney Michael O'Keefe and 
Branstable County Sheriff Jim Cummings

 REPORT: Massachusetts opioid
 deaths continue to rise

Current Massachusetts Opioid Statistics

Connect the Dots to Opioid Abuse

Recovery Facilities 

Pier Recovery Center

Recovering Champions

Recovery without Walls

Duffy Health Center

Gosnold on Cape Cod

Crisis Intervention

Mobile Response Teams

Recovery Without Walls


Cape Cod Intergroup

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Mashpee Substance Use
Task Force Drop-In Night

START | Cape Cod Community College

Community Health Center
of Cape Cod

Cape Cod Addiction Counseling

Various Support Groups





Barnstable County Regional Substance Abuse Council

Barnstable County Human Services

Community Health Center of Cape Cod

A Bridge to Hope

Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders

Listen to the Experts:

Dr. Ken Texiera Psychologist, Quincy College Addiction and the Brain

Ray Tamasi, President, Gosnold on Cape Cod

Sam Tarplin, Outreach Coordinator, PIER Recovery Center

Kevin Rosario, Regional Outreach Representative, Gosnold on Cape Cod

Beth Albert, Barnstable County Department of Human Services / Substance Abuse Task Force

Patti Mitrokostas Gosnold on Cape Cod, Overview of Prevention Programs at Gosnold

Students Achieving Recovery Together

Duffy Health Center, Medicine Assisted Treatment Program

Gail Wilson, Mashpee Substance Abuse

Wendy Northcross, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Recovering Champions

Merielle Paul, Learn2Cope

The AIDS Support Group

Sheriff Cummings

Community Health Center

Yarmouth Chief Frederickson